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Save the DEVIL!

The Tasmanian Devil is a magnificent animal. It is an endangered animal. It became extinct from the mainland about 600 years ago, due to the arrival of the aboriginals the indigenous people of Australia and the dingos, the arrival of the white people also made a big dint in the devil's populations after the white people brought foxes to Australia. The only place where the dingos and foxes have not conquered is Tasmania. But now, the devils could be gone, never to return by 2015, due to the founding of foxes in Tasmania a few months ago. There are approximately 19 foxes in Tasmania now.

How to save them!

The government of Tasmania have agreed to inject a vaccine into the foxes in Tasmania, the vaccine is call immunocontraception. The vaccine tries to convince the immune system to believe that spern and eggs are unwanted invaders, then that will prevent fertilisation. This vaccine is planned to be injected into the top three pests, the house mouse, the European rabbit and the fox, and hopes to be extented the program to feral cats. Research shows that the vaccine will reduce the foxes ability to reproduce by 50 to 60 percent. This vaccine will only be able to be avalible in five years and we fear it will be to late.